An Industry Leader Among Socially Responsible Companies


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We are proud to be a leader among socially responsible companies in the online services and marketing industry.

Our company mission is simple. We build websites so we can build forever families. Ours is a unique kind of corporate social responsibility, and we’re proud to be a small part of the solution to the global orphan crisis.

Families pursuing adoption quickly learn that it’s expensive. But the need is great. So many children are orphaned worldwide, and their lives would be forever changed if they were adopted into forever families.

How Much of Your Revenue Goes to Fund Adoptions?

Why Adoptions?

Our Story

Needless to say, ethical companies can make a big impact on any number of worthy causes. For us, however, the choice to focus on adoptions is personal. My wife and I have two amazing bio kids. In 2016, we decided we could provide a forever family for an orphan sibling group, a brother and sister, from Bulgaria.  

There are lots of reasons why families pursue adoption. Some people want to adopt an infant. We know other families that feel called to adopt children with special needs, or teenagers. Others, like my wife and I, see the orphan crisis worldwide and feel called to adopt more than one child.

Like every adoption story, ours is unique and personal. Our reason for choosing to adopt two siblings is because we know how hard it is for siblings to find an adopted family where they can stay together. Sometimes, siblings are even considered “un-adoptable.” (A term, by the way, that I can’t stand.) Every baby, every child, every teenager is adoptable because love is the fuel of adoption, and everyone is deserving of love. Sibling groups deserve to remain together with their brothers and sisters in their new family.

So far, our adoption journey has taught me two brutal truths:

  1. Adoption isn’t easy or straightforward, and it can bring heartbreak into your life.
  2. The need is great, and adoption is expensive.

But far more importantly, I’ve learned two powerful truths that I hold onto:

  1. The heartbreak of adoption isn’t near the heartbreak of becoming an orphan. My family’s personal hardship is greatly outweighed by the healing we know we can bring to the children we adopt.
  2. God provides. God’s generosity, ability, and desire to provide has been abundantly clear, time and again, during our adoption journey.

We came home from Bulgaria in the spring of 2020 as a family of six.

Why Websites?

What do websites have to do with adoptions? Potentially a whole lot, it turns out.

Coastal City Creative started when a friend mentioned they needed a new website. I know web design, so I offered to design their site in return for a donation to our adoption fund. Then a local bank agreed to donate to our fund in return for some video editing they needed done. (Maybe I should explain, if you don’t already know me, that I’m also a church-planting pastor. I’ve picked up more than a few marketing skills in my career.)

It quickly became clear that my web design and digital marketing skills could provide the key to our $40,000 bill. Coastal City Creative was born—a web design company on a mission.

What Does it Mean to be a Socially Responsible Company?

As a company, our commitment to funding adoptions goes beyond my own family’s adoption expenses. Even though we’re not quite finished funding our own adoption, we’re already donating some of the revenue from Coastal City Creative to other families’ adoptions.

As a socially responsible company, we’re committed to donating the revenue of our web design builds on an ongoing basis to other families who, like ours, have decided to respond to the orphan crisis by opening their families and hearts to children who have no family to call their own. Our adoption is just the beginning.

Make a difference in a child’s life. If you need a website, I would love to consult with you and send you a no-obligation quote. Simply book yourself into my schedule and I’ll give you a call to get the process started.

Also, we’d love it if you helped us spread the word by sharing our website with anyone you know who needs a high-quality, custom website … with a heart.

Thanks, Eric Dingler