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There is no reason for business owners to experience any of these:


Low to No Traffic


Slow Response From Their Web Designer


A One-Size Fits All Approach (Those Never Really Work Anyway)


Being Talked AT in Technical Jargon


Spending Hours Trying To Figure Out Online Marketing


Spend More Money Marketing Than the Marketing Brings In

You Can Have an Effective Online Marketing Strategy!


1. Let's Talk

Most agencies “pre-qualify” you as a potential client by making you complete a long questionnaire. At Coastal City Creative, you can schedule a time below that’s convenient for you or call/text us right now at 888.403.5731.


2. Develop A Strategy

We will listen carefully to your goals and needs. After our conversation, if we both agree we think working together would be enjoyable, we will present you with a proposal customized to your budget, goals, and needs. 

3. Get Results

With a complete marketing package, you’ll get more qualified traffic to your new masterpiece website that will lead to more conversions designed to guide your website visitors into becoming customers. 

Eric Dingler

Eric Dingler


At Coastal City Creative we know you are the kind of people who want to be successful with your online marketing.  In order to be that way, you need a strategy with all the proven elements working together.  The problem is you don’t have the time to master SEO, web design, lead conversion, email marketing, social media, and all the other things it takes to be a success online, and that makes you feel overwhelmed.

We believe it’s not fair for the big brands to be the only ones who can afford effective online marketing.  We understand what it’s like to have limited resources to put behind a vision.  That’s why we have created an online marketing agency with all the experts on one team and package our services at affordable prices.

Here’s how it works; you share with us your goals and needs, we build a customized solution for you with only the elements you actually need, and together we’ll see you get more of what you want.

So, schedule a conversation with Eric today, so you can stop feeling frustrated and lost with online marketing and start getting more of what you want.  More traffic, more leads, more money…