This video is the second in a series.  In this video, I show you how to install WordPress Themes and Plugins.  Specifically we will instal the Divi theme from Elegant Themes.  In the previous video, I show step by step how to register a domain name and how to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog or website on Bluehost.

How To Install WordPress Themes and Plugins


In this video, we are specifically installing Divi by Elegant Themes.  However, when you install WordPress themes from other providers the process is the same.

The process is explained in the video.

What’s The Difference Between a WordPress Theme and Plugin?


There are a couple key terms to learn that will help in your process of learning how to install WordPress themes.

  1. Host – They own the server where your website lives.  This series is designed to help you host your website at Bluehost.
  2. WordPress – This is the Content Management System that organizes your website for the host.
  3. Theme – This organizes the content into the images, colors, layout, etc that are seen by the people visiting your website.  We use DIVI by Elegant Themes.
  4. Plugins – These give your website or blog unique functionality.  For example, we have used the Lodgify plugin to add the reservations functionality to a retreat center.  We used a different plugin to add a daily reading of the Bible to a church’s website.


Why I Use Elegant Themes


Elegant Themes has been my theme provider for several years now.  I keep testing and trying others, but I always end up back at Elegant Themes.  Here’s why I use and recommend Elegant Themes:

  1. Customer Support.  Their ticket system is fantastic.  I learned how to do a lot of cool and special things from them by simply asking.
  2. Regular Updates.  Elegant Themes is constantly making improvements.
  3. Support Communities.  There are a couple of Facebook community groups of dedicated Divi and Elegant Theme users. I have often found help there and amazing ideas on how to do a new cool trick on websites.
  4. Elegant Theme Blog.  The team at Elegant Themes is regularly posting in-depth content on their blog teaching those of us who use Elegant Themes how to get more from Divi and the other themes.
  5. Price.  From my experience, it’s hard to get more from $89 a year.


Why I Use Pretty Link


I use Pretty Link for two primary reasons.

1. Shorten long “ugly” links to pretty ones that are easier to remember.  Lie this:


2.  I like to track where visitors are coming from.  I use most places to promote that page.  However, I could also use and use that only on Twitter.  Then, I could track and see how many times it get’s used compared to other links I might create all pointing to the same page.


Links To Resources Used:

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