This video is the third in a series.  In video one, we registered a new domain name and set up a self-hosted WordPress site.  With video two we installed a WordPress theme and our initial plugins.  For this video, we will begin to customize Divi, our theme of choice.  In the next video in this series, we walk through the process of writing our first WordPress blog post.

Why I Use Divi by Elegant Themes


In this previous post, I shared that one of the reasons I use Elegant Themes is because I get access to every theme in their library.  99% of the sites I now have, build, or maintain for clients is built with Divi.

Here’s why I use Divi almost exclusively.


  • It’s Easy.


  • Great Price.


  • Customer Support.  The support forum inside Elegant Themes is a wealth of knowledge.  They even have a plugin you can install that allows one of their support folks to temporarily access your site to work in it.  You then delete the plugin to re-secure your site.


  • Several Options To Customize Divi.  They have a great on page editor feature that allows you to edit a post or page as you are looking at as your readers would be seeing it.  You can also use the Theme Customizer as we have done in the video in this post.


  • Building Blocks.  It’s easy to visualize the concept of building a website using blocks.  First, you select a row.  Then, how many columns.  Finally, you decide what element goes in that column.


  • The Community of Users.  There are a few Facebook groups of Divi Users that you can request to join that help each other and exchange ideas.


  • Others Use It.  I’m often looking at websites I like to see if they are using WordPress and if so, what theme.  At least once a week I find someone using Divi.


  • The Library.  I have a few page designs that most clients want on their sites.  For example, a contact us page or a sales page.  With Divi, I can import my library of designs into a new website and not have to start from scratch with a blank page.


  • The Elegant Theme Email List.  I am subscribed to few email lists.  Elegant Themes is one of them.  Weekly I get great “how to” content to make Divi do amazing things.


Plan A Style Sheet Before You Customize Divi


Something you will see, or saw, in this video is the style sheet for Rich Theatre.

This is a good practice for anyone who is about to start a website.

Here are the elements I include in a style sheet.

  1. Allowed alterations of the primary logo.
  2. Primary brand color.
  3. Up to 2 accent colors.
  4. The font for content.
  5. The font for headings.
  6. The style to be used for date and time.
  7. The tagline.
  8. Abbreviations that are allowed and ones to avoid.
  9. How phone numbers will be displayed. (555.5555 or 555-5555)
  10. What format will email addresses be (,,, etc)
  11. Blog post format.
  12. Image sizes.


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